andrew saunders

Coach, supervisor, spiritual director and leadership consultant

Helping You Develop Resiliency

Helping You Build Inner Strength

Our single-minded aim is to enable you to be more resilient.

Resiliency helps leaders create space in their lives to cultivate self-awareness and empathy for those they lead. We seek to enable leaders to be creative, consistent and trustworthy in a way that inspires others and gives them room to achieve.

Resiliency also provides leadership support for NZ based Not For Profits, educational institutions and private enterprises.

Resiliency is recognised for its servant based approach. We have a strong commitment to enabling leaders to serve their organisations both by building capacity in their staff and by reaching their own personal goals.

Resiliency provides a range of support tools from coaching to spiritual direction; from senior leader appraisal to board review; from online surveys to one on one interviews; from coaching training to staff supervision; and equipping senior leaders to create an agreed set of values and culture for their organisation.

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Meeting one-on-one to provide accountability and focus to help the coachee to learn, manage issues, reach goals and sustain growth.

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Meeting one-on-one to reflect regularly and in depth on your work and the issues which it raises in a safe and accountable environment.

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spiritual direction

Meeting one-to-one to focus on spiritual issues and explore where God is in the ordinariness of everyday life, faith and work. 

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Leadership support for NZ based Not For Profits, educational institutions and businesses; building resilient leaders.

What is coaching?
How is coaching different from other one on one disciplines?

  • Coaching employs questions designed to enable and help you to create and achieve goals pertaining to your work and life. 
  • Supervision helps you reflect regularly and in depth on your work in order to improve your relationships, wellbeing and personal development.
Pastoral Counselling
  • Pastoral Counselling helps a person unpack issues that are disempowering them in their work, life and relationships.
Spiritual Direction
  • Spiritual direction is the practice of sharing your spiritual journey with a companion who listens and enables you to recognise God in the ordinariness of your everyday life.


“Andrew has a long and impressive track-record of servant-oriented leadership, underpinned by a deep Christian faith, impeccable integrity, high administrative competence, intellectual rigour and curiosity, a strong emphasis on results and an abiding compassion for the least advantaged.”
Jonathan Boston, CNZM

Professor of Policy Studies at the Victoria University of Wellington

“We keep going back to Andrew for those assignments where you need the right mix of strategy, stakeholder engagement and team building with other consultants. Andrew is a great listener, spending the time to understand our needs and he always delivers.”
Chris Clarke

Chief Executive, Wilberforce Foundation

“Andrew is that unicorn: an executive coach who has done the hard yards himself so he can help you both negotiate times of trial and not choke on triumph. Invariably encouraging, challenging and stimulating, Andrew will help you lift your game. He certainly helped me.”

Tim Wilson

Executive Director, Maxim Institute

Resiliency Values:

Interact Respectfully;

Build Relationships; Provoke Thought;

Serve Others.

Resiliency aspires to be a fulcrum point for change in NZ society. We engage with leaders of a diverse range of NZ based organisations in the not for profit, education and private sectors. We contribute to change by helping leaders become recognised as those who serve others rather than those whom others serve.

One of Resilient Leadership’s core beliefs is that all humans are ‘one people’, no matter their background, ethnicity or social status.  Our goal is to treat all people the same – with dignity and respect as we encourage and equip them to be the best that they can be.

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