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Coaching or Supervision?

You have some personal, study or work related goals you want to achieve ...

Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Then coaching is for you.

You want to improve your work relationships or work environment or better manage your workload

Are there any relationship or other issues you need help navigating at work? Consider Supervision.

You are experiencing difficulty with self outside of the workplace

Are you struggling with self image or self esteem? Have you considered pastoral counselling or seeing a psychologist or counsellor?

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Coaching and Supervision sessions both run for an hour and start from … 


More Details About Supervision

External supervision can provide valuable support to leaders by offering an objective perspective and constructive feedback. External supervision helps the client reflect regularly and deeply on both their work and their work relationships. This in turn helps the client create for themselves a more supportive, caring and positive working environment. An environment where they can learn to be the best version of themselves they can be.

With twenty plus years of leadership in both education and the not for profit I am well equipped to provide a space for the client to regularly reflect on their performance and relationships in their place of work.

By receiving regular external supervision, clients can feel more confident and empowered both personally and in their work, leading to both improved job satisfaction and better outcomes for the individuals they lead and serve.

Client Meeting

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Coaching and Supervision sessions both run for an hour and start from … 


More Details About Coaching

Coaching is a relationship that helps people to learn how to achieve their goals. Coaching ensures accountability and support for managing issues, reaching goals and sustaining growth. Coaching guru John Whitmore (2009) denotes coaching as ‘unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them.’ 

Using the GROW acronym (GOAL / REALITY / OPTIONS / WILL) I will work with the client to develop iSMART goals (Inspiring / Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Results driven / Time bound) for both personal and work relatied achievement. 

Using the Goal Stem ‘By (date) I will (what you wish to achieve) so that (benefit to self)’ I will encourage the client to set realistic targets that both spell out the benefit to themselves and set a deadline as to when they want to achieve the goal in mind.

Through the use of coaching skills honed over forty years of teaching and leading and by asking powerful questions I will encourage the client to strive to be the best version of themselves they can be. 

What others are saying

“I’ve really appreciated and valued Andrew’s approach to coaching. His ability to listen well, draw out the issues I face and empower me to make wise, well-thought through choices, has helped me as I have sought to help others. Andrew’s coaching will be a gift to anyone embarking on a journey of seeking to improve their performance either personally or professionally.”

Rev Gareth Walters

Chaplain, Kings College

“During a year of focusing on personal discernment for future direction I met with Andrew on a regular basis so that he could reflect with me on priority issues and keep me accountable to decisions I made. While this process may have been uncomfortable at times it was immensely valuable. Andrew was engaged personally, inspired confidence, asked the right questions by grounding the discussion in appropriate actions, and most of all graciously Christian in his attitude.”

Wayne Fraser

Head of Biblical Foundations, Bethlehem College

“Andrew has been an encouraging, constructive and safe person to have conversations about my work with. He’s helped me to navigate many challenges, listened intently and supervised really well over the past two years. His input has been invaluable to my role and workplace wellbeing.”

Yvonne Barker

Worship Pastor and Services Team Lead, Gracecity church

How to prepare for a coaching session …

You set the agenda! So prepare and take the lead. What do you want to use the hour for? Be mindful in your preparation of what has been going on during the last few days and weeks. Below are some thoughts about what to bring

  • A willingness to learn and grow
  • Some goals you want to work on including personal (health, discipline, relationships), study and leadership related goals
  • Your plans for the next few weeks and months
  • A list of things you need to achieve or change
  • Benefits of achieving goals you are working on
  • Issues you have been thinking through that relate to your study or work
  • Any situation in your life and or study you are want to think through

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