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“Andrew has been immersed in educational leadership in this country for many years, within Christian organisations and in the public/state system. He brings the strategic acuity, spiritual character, management wisdom and contextual knowledge required in leadership.”

Dr Rev Carolyn Kelly, former Chaplain Maclaurin Chapel, University of Auckland, and Rev Mark Johnston, former Auckland coordinator, Knox Centre for Leadership, Presbyterian Church.

My Areas of Expertise

Leadership and Governance

Andrew has significant leadership experience having previously worked nine years as Deputy Principal at Selwyn College in Auckland (2008 to 2017) and ten years as General Secretary of Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (1991 to 2001). Andrew is the current chairperson of the Wilberforce Foundation Scholarship committee and has recently had leadership roles on the boards of New Zealand Christians in Science (2017 to 2022) and Laidlaw College (2011 to 2017).


Andrew is an experienced facilitator and has significant experience in both mediation and reconciliation in Education, Church leadership and Profit led management. Andrew is a trained Restorative Justice Facilitator and has twenty years  experience in both Pastoral Care and people management. 


Andrew is a skilled and experienced trainer and teacher. He has qualifications in Coaching Training, Reconciliation, Restorative Practice, Leadership Development and Peer support. Andrew’s experience includes thirty years as a trainer in the Tertiary Sector and in Secondary Education.


CEO and Board Appraisal


I found Andrew’s CEO review process strong and rigorous and one that engaged with all of the key stakeholders and balanced in helping identify areas of improvement while also identifying areas of strength.”

Vaughan Darby

former Chair, Kingsway Trust

from $2,500+gst

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Andrew has ten years experience leading senior leader/middle management review/appraisal including the review of ten not for profit (NFP) CEOs in the last six years. Furthermore Andrew was a NFP CEO himself for ten years, has had twenty years experience in strategic leadership including creating organisational strategic plans and has fifteen years experience as a NFP board member. 

Organisation Review


“If you need to quantify and qualify a decision, then get Andrew to do a survey. He assists you to identify the issue, makes a plan, collects the data, assesses it, and produces a document that’s clarifying and galvanising. Oh, and to deadline. Excellent.”

Tim Wilson

Executive Director, Maxim Institute

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Any type of review is considered from magazines to salaries; staff conditions to project outcomes …
Interview by way of a variety of hui, one-on-one interviews (in person or online via Zoom), tailored online surveys, and team consultation …
Outcomes of the review can be presented by percentages, graphs, comparative charts and quotes to name a few … 

Coaching Training


“Andrew’s coaching style was insightful and accessible. The skills he taught us were practical and easy to re-use in management conversations with others. There is no doubt our skills have been enhanced through the time we spent with Andrew.”

Hilary Hague, National Director, Scripture Union

National Director, Scripture Union

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Andrew has worked as a professional coach since 2017 and has trained coaching skills to a dozen staff teams (educational and Not For Profit) in the past seven years. There are typically three aspects suggested for the coaching program: Introduction of coaching to the leadership team including a basic introduction of coaching and demonstration and practice of the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options and Will) model (3 to 4 hours); Ongoing training in the basics of coaching using the GROW model including models on ‘building trust’, ‘asking the best questions’, ‘listening questioning and paraphrasing and other coaching skills (12 to 15 hours); and the leaders putting their coaching into practice with members of their own team. 

Other Consultative Projects


“Andrew is a leader with vision who could enthuse and lead a diverse team of staff and who was particularly effective growing and encouraging leadership potential from student leaders. He had a significant impact on a generation of students leaders across the country that he mentored and trained … I can recommend Andrew as a leader who will bring vision, careful planning and passionate commitment to any role in which he undertakes.”

Chris Collins

former Chief Executive at the Eastern Institute of Technology; Laidlaw College Chair 2023 - ; International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) Chair 2012 -2019; and TSCF chair 1991-2001

per hour from $125+gst

More Details
Recent projects include …
– reconciliation of two staff members in a local church
– development of a wellbeing document for a large church with over thirty staff
– a CEO salary review for the executive director of a middle sized not for profit
– support and training for an underperforming senior manager in a national not for profit
– and a comprehensive review of a national philanthropic scholarship program that gives away $100,000 per annum.

What others are saying

“Andrew is a very experienced and effective leader. He is a man of utmost integrity and is highly principled. Andrew has had wide life experience and is energetic and enthusiastic and dedicated towards lifting the wider educational achievements and performance of young people.”

Judge Andrew Becroft

former Children's Commissioner and former Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship Chair.

“Andrew undertook a CEO appraisal of our National Director who had been in the role for 11 years. He facilitated a thorough review including self-review and 360 review … It was a really positive process for all involved resulting in a change in direction for the ND and a really clear understanding of our future direction for the board… I can definitely recommend Andrew to any other organisation.”

Neil Walbran

Board Chair Scripture Union NZ

“It has been great working with Andrew. He collaborates well with others, listens carefully and is passionate about achieving positive outcomes. His leadership style is inclusive and dynamic which makes for wonderful shared, working environments.’

Fa'anana Efeso Collins (d. 24/02/24)

former Politician (Green Party) and Auckland City Councillor

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